Monday, April 25, 2005

Card Readings

Cartomancy - Card-reading software which uses two decks (36 and 52 cards). Features screenshots and download information.
Cartomancy - Information on card meanings.
Destiny Cards - A divination technique using playing cards.
The Traveler Deck - Specialty deck by Nancy Ashmead Rerucha. Contains PDF of card images and instruction booklet.
Fortune Telling With Playing Cards - Includes card meanings, spreads, and Romany (gypsy) method of divination.
ISRC Forum - Message board for discussion and education in the art of European Gyspy card divination.
Oracle Cards - Free online course in reading playing cards. Includes color and date correspondences.
Psychic Readings - Profession readings offered in the United Kingdom. Available for private consultation and parties.
Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy - Includes card interpretations, spreads, timing techniques, and practice exercises.
Cards of Illumination - Offering psychic readings, related products and background information.
Using Regular Playing Cards - A guide to using regular playing cards for divination.
Yahoo! Groups : FaeryOracle - Discussion of the Faery Oracle cards, the world of Faery, and the sharing of divination skills